The creative hub of business

The centre of FLEX expertise.

Company headquarters are based in Brescia and include the following departments – finance and administration, human resources, sales and marketing, branding and communication, purchasing and procurement, IT and web development, creativity and design, and engineering research and development.

Having all company departments in one location ensures maximum flexibility, immediate feedback on ideas generated, rapid information sharing and rapid response to customers, which is further enhanced by direct contact with the production department. Customers are supported step-by-step, from initial telephone contract through to the sales process and after-sales service.

The premises have been designed not only as a functional work environment supporting different company teams, but also as a fully-fledged showroom, where customers are invited to participate quite literally. Each department and room contains our products – FLEX can be experienced with every step and the special setting that is created permeates all solutions we put on the market.

The laboratory and production

The production site is the FLEX laboratory.

In addition to well-established assembly practices, product quality control and logistics management, this is where FLEX solutions take shape. Here ideas are turned into concrete solutions thanks to the expertise of our engineers, whose main source of inspiration is traditional Italian craft skill.

Research and development have an unavoidably prevailing role in a company that bases its production on Italian-made design, and creates new solutions to satisfy the desires and requirements of customers. Our experts are committed to making products with increasingly high performance levels which are strong, aesthetically appealing and flexible at a practical level. Each component undergoes special testing to ensure it is robust and durable, and the various materials and finishes are assessed according to the specified requirements. The results are then analysed to provide our customers with the best the market has to offer.

Ongoing contact with the business headquarters enables response times equivalent to 0, providing customers with a rapid professional service. This was a conscious choice made at the beginning – to have direct control over production to be able to check each phase of the process, and ensure considerable flexibility internally and in relation to market demands.

The multimedia front

Multimedia technology and solutions are evolving continually, and what is considered cutting-edge very quickly becomes obsolete.

Our approach enables us to respond quickly to changing standards, thanks to a team of specialists who strive to find new solutions to guarantee the best for our products in terms of performance.

Innovation underpins growth. As a result we focus on implementing current solutions with new functionality and upgrades, while keeping an eye on convenience, the cornerstone of FLEX production.

Everything has to be immediate and comprehensible, and just a click away. Customers have become used to interfacing with dynamic interactive tools, so the greatest challenge is to provide increasingly advanced solutions which are still faithful to that strategic linchpin – convenience.