Airports & Transports Queue Management

Flex is the ideal partner in supporting and organizing impressive structures dedicated to national and international transport – such as airports and hubs, railway and metropolitan stations – in the management of passenger orientation.

Through the study of pedestrian flows and the subsequent design and proposal of a customized solution tailored to the customer, we are able to support the correct, as well as orderly and secure, routing of visitors.

The favorite columns from the transport services are the original TENDIFLEX with retractable belt, both in the more classic SPORT and X-STREAM version and in the more recent SPHERE design version.

These posts share several functions dedicated to safety, including: the flat base, so that it is not a hindrance in the walkway and in transit with wheeled baggage; the central pivot of great strength to ensure a very wide tipping angle; the head with frictioned tape retraction and anti-panic coupling, so as to ensure quick and safe release in the event of a leak.

Even the version of the RIGID BAR column, with rigid bar, can operate in the service of privacy and safety, especially if used close to payment areas at the counter or through self-service facilities.

But there are other features that emphasize the TENDIFLEX posts: the version with magnetic base for example, maximizes stability in fixing to the ground but without engaging the set-up with a permanent fixing; and for places where you need to move them frequently because you don’t choose the base with wheels, easy to move but solid and safe.

The creative and personal identification of the service areas is ensured by the possibility of being able to customize FLEX products with the client’s colors and logos to offer a completely dedicated product.