FLEX was aiming for certification and sustainability when what has now become a widespread international standard was just taking shape – ISO standards on quality and the environment.

The company currently has an integrated quality and environmental system that complies with the latest versions of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. This certification was dealt with by CertiQuality, and strives for safety endorsements. A commitment to certification has led to the creation of a quality and environmental policy, in addition to a code of ethics.

Both the company and our products feature various aspects that class them as sustainable, including the use of recyclable, environmentally-friendly materials such as LEDs and aluminium, and the extended lifetime of customer and end-user equipment. Other benefits include the possibility of changing internal messages by simply replacing a sheet of paper or backlit film, and not the entire structure, the availability of spare parts for products and solutions purchased for a considerable period, and a recycling scheme provided when purchasing new equipment.

Every objective and endorsement relating to quality, the environment and safety is a source of pride for FLEX, and the aim for the future is to implement a large integrated system.