Flex by your side

The needs of our customers are always at the center of our purpose. In these days more than ever, Flex decided to be close to its partners by continuing to work.

In this situation of emergency, it is more than ever a civic and moral duty and this decision is dictated by the heart. For this purpose, Flex decided not to close the offices by choosing to remain available to help their customers in case of need.

Tendiflex family was born for this, to organize pedestrian flows in order to ensure safety for people.

In these days people are obliged to keep a safety distance and we thought that Flex should be on the front line to provide fast, solid and reliable support, in case our customers need to establish the order and to respect the law.

For this purpose, Flex has immediately activated the new section for the management of rentals. Rent a Flex, through this section, we offer solutions in order to support the current need.