FLEX beyond the catalogue

Turning ideas into concrete design solutions – this is the ongoing commitment of the FLEX Creativity & Design and Research & Development teams.

Focusing on top quality, guaranteed by the expert treatment of products designed and manufactured in Italy, has led to FLEX being proactive in relation to bespoke customer requirements. Not only does the catalogue have a wide range of standard products, the company also has a much wider vision of creative and structural requirements that has driven imagination and production beyond the limits deemed possible.

At times over the years it has been bespoke products that have proved to be a source of inspiration and a market challenge for FLEX, and resulted in new catalogue items being produced.

The possibilities are endless – each project is initiated and developed with the same commitment for the national and international markets FLEX has been dealing with since 1990, and the customised solutions are still in existence that were created for them.

FLEX means customised solutions

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – this was uttered by the great Walt Disney and we share the sentiment when dealing with any request or proposal for a customised product.

FLEX welcomes all types of projects, including predefined design projects sometimes created by well-known national and international architecture firms, and concepts which simply take shape from a customer’s wish or idea, which may even be vague.

At FLEX, each solution, proposal or request finds expression in the design and subsequent engineering phases, resulting in the concrete implementation of products and systems which otherwise would have remained just an idea in someone’s head.

Solutions are implemented and provided through a well-defined, established process, and can become increasingly complex depending on the size and structure of the project. Preliminary phases can include a customer consultation, inspection, study of the design concept along with environmental design, through to a comprehensive proposal reflecting customer preferences. This is followed by prototyping and engineering phases which lead on to the production of unique solutions.

Standard and customised FLEX solutions since 1990

Naturally the coexistence of standard and customised solutions is fluid and barely visible to the eyes of new customers and end users. The final aim of great functionality, practical safety and appealing aesthetics is achieved in all cases. Obviously in some cases the uniqueness of a solution will be evident and appreciated.

Since 1990 there have been numerous examples of combining standard and partially-customised solutions in the history of FLEX, maybe in relation to finish or the size of panels for example, through to visionary projects such as external display totems created by an international architecture firm and completed with internal and external signage. Creating such combinations has always been a natural consequence of liaising with customers to find the best solutions that meet their needs.

Photos with the range of solutions provided can be viewed in the Gallery section and are split not only by product category, but also product type, be it standard or customised.