Flex’s trademarks signify Flex’s high quality products and services, and they are valuable assets of the company.

Who uses our brand should be aware that FLEX® is a registered trademark of Flex Srl, based in Brescia in G. Bargnani 11, and therefore can not be used without observing a few simple rules.

Similarly, those who use the brand TENDIFLEX®, proper name of a Flex unique and original product, must be aware that this is a registered trademark of Flex Srl.

To always ensure a correct use of the brands, Flex intellectual property and copyrighted materials, we ask that any request of their use is forwarded to our office in advance, at, who is willing to evaluate and give feedback to each application received.

We remind you that there are many FLEX® brand solutions falsifications on the market, and especially of the FLEX® posts, the original TENDIFLEX®. Before you make a purchase of FLEX® solutions, we invite you to check the exact origin of the goods, if not directly offered by our authorized dealers, reported on the website To shop online, please visit the official shop of the brand: